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Northwest New Jersey

Rivers Conference

Connecting Community, Ecotourism & Environment

2023 Conference Recordings are now available here.

Check back in spring 2024 for information on the 2024 Rivers Conference.

The Northwest New Jersey Rivers Conference is a forum for better understanding the importance of the Delaware River and its tributaries to the quality of life for those who live in, visit and depend upon it.

Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Governor Christine Todd Whitman's Report on the NJ Outdoors, the 2023 Conference expands to explore open space and recreation throughout the state of New Jersey. The Conference examines the unique challenges and opportunities present in the most densely-populated state in New Jersey and how we develop a recreation and ecotourism-based economy that is compatible with and accessible to our diverse communities.

Northwest New Jersey

Rivers Conference


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The Northwest New Jersey Rivers Conference is coordinated by the New Jersey Highlands Coalition with the support of our partner organizations in the Highlands and Ridge & Valley regions of New Jersey. We work together to restore water quality under the four-state Delaware River Watershed Initiative.

The opinions expressed during this Conference do not necessarily represent the opinions of all members of the DRWI Highlands Cluster. In support of critical thinking and the advancement of scientific principles and inquiry, the members of the Highlands Cluster encourage participants and viewers to arrive at their own conclusions.

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